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Welcome to Yasushi, where the essence of Japanese cuisine meets a unique Iranian twist. Nestled in the heart of Tehran, Yasushi is more than a sushi haven—it’s a delightful fusion of Japanese flavors tailored to suit the discerning Iranian taste buds. Here, traditional Japanese dishes, especially sushi, take on a new vibrancy, offering a culinary journey that appeals to both the sushi connoisseur and those exploring the world of Eastern delights.

the briefing:

At Yasushi, we specialize in bringing the authentic flavors of Japan to the Iranian palate, focusing on Japanese dishes with a particular emphasis on sushi. What sets Yasushi apart is the incorporation of a turntable inside the restaurant, reminiscent of traditional sushi establishments. This unique feature adds a touch of nostalgia and authenticity, creating an immersive dining experience for our patrons.

the solution:

Branding, Logo Design, Illustration, Graphic Design

In crafting the identity of Yasushi, our design approach seamlessly blends Japanese aesthetics with a nod to Iranian preferences. The logo, inspired by the Japanese alphabet, embodies the essence of Yasushi. The restaurant sign is a visual symphony—a cherry blossom intertwined with a slice of sushi, paying homage to the turntable within. The color palette of light blue-green and radish pink reflects the cherry blossom, the Japanese sky, and the natural hues of spring. This thoughtful design creates an inviting atmosphere for the younger generation, embracing new trends and offering affordable Eastern dishes in a setting that captures the spirit of both Japan and Iran.