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RNS, a Tehran-based clothing brand founded in 2010, is a distinguished player in the textile industry. With a foundation in textile engineering and industrial management, RNS has cultivated a familial work environment where a diverse team collaborates seamlessly.

The brand places a strong emphasis on learning, positive impact, and joy in family business. Navigating the fashion landscape with confidence, RNS fosters a workplace where individuals find fulfillment.

Through a commitment to quality craftsmanship, a versatile product range, and corporate responsibility, RNS has made a significant mark, symbolizing a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity within its local community.

RNS Logo

the briefing:

At Good Giti, our dynamic collaboration with RNS, a prominent Tehran-based clothing brand, involved a strategic branding project.

The clear brief was to revitalize RNS’s identity through logo redesign, comprehensive branding, the creation of a detailed brand book.

Our focus was on seamlessly blending RNS’s rich legacy in textile engineering with a modern visual identity. This included crafting a narrative reflecting RNS’s commitment to quality and a familial work environment. Additionally, we conceptualized new packaging designs and redesigned all clothing tags to elevate the overall brand presentation.

This project presented a unique opportunity to delve into RNS’s story and create a compelling brand language aligned with its core values and aspirations.

the solution:

Branding, Brand Book, Logo Design, Graphic Design

In our comprehensive rebranding solution for RNS, we meticulously redesigned the logo, choosing a second dark blue color, and carefully selected typefaces for both Farsi and English texts. The packaging underwent a strategic revamp aligned with the brand’s narrative, and a unique pattern was conceptualized as a signature element across various designs. Alongside these visual enhancements, we also undertook the redesigning of all clothing tags, ensuring a cohesive brand experience.

Additionally, we created a detailed brand book as a guiding document for the brand’s identity. In addition, we crafted a resonant slogan, ‘Reaching New Styles,’ symbolizing RNS’s commitment to dynamism, innovation, and staying at the forefront of contemporary fashion. This holistic approach not only refreshed the brand’s aesthetics but also established a cohesive visual language, reinforcing RNS as a trailblazer in the industry.